API Change Log

Date Description
2018/11/5 API 1.0 completed.
2018/11/27 The response format of Get products/Get single product API Endpoint is updated.
2018/11/28 Authorization infomation updated, parameter name and error infomation are modified.
2018/11/30 Remove Industry property from Product Model.
2018/12/3 Update parameter infomation for endpoints Get orders and Get products, pageNo is set to not required, orderTime and createdTime are set to required.
2018/12/4 Add version in URL, for now it is v1. Add currency model.
2018/12/5 Product attributes and Order attributes are updated. Data structure of Order cancellation and Order Fulfillment is updated.
2018/12/21 Remove supplierOrderId field from Order structure.
2018/12/26 Some fields description updated.
2019/1/24 Updated descriptions for Size Chart Type Values.
2019/5/13 Released new version of API documentation. Included a complete rewrite, restructuring and reformatting.
2019/5/30 Added deliveryType, trackingNo, shipLabelType and shippLabelValue properties to the order object model.
2019/8/14 Updated descriptions and examples for product color, model, custom attributes and product item size property to better clarify their usage for different product types.
2020/2/19 Added "CancelRequest" status in Order statuses, "CancelRequest" means customer has applied to cancel the order, supplier can stop to ship the order by this status.
2020/2/24 Added the definition of property values for Order statuses.
2020/2/26 Added 2 new Order endpoints.
2022/11/10 Change support email address from support@voyageone.com to support@voyageone.cn.