Launch your brand in a big way

Launch your brand in a big way

Build a beachhead in Chinese ecommerce. Your brand. Your selection. Your price.

Your own brand, your own store

With EnterpriseOne, your brand has its own store where the action is: on TMall and other marketplaces. You can even have your own Chinese website. On brand. On your terms.


Control the strategy, leave the rest to us

EnterpriseOne puts you in charge of the strategy and day-to-day decisions are handled by VoyageOne’s China experts. That’s EnterpriseOne.

We advise. You decide

We will be by your side every step of the way. For the big decisions like assortment, pricing, branding, messaging, customer service policies, marketing budget, and more, VoyageOne experts will be here and advise you. But these decisions are yours.

EnterpriseOne makes your strategy reality. And all managed by a team based in Los Angeles with a deep understanding of Chinese ecommerce.

  • Merchandising
  • Marketing
  • Content localization
  • Payments
  • Content Creation
  • Marketplaces
  • Photography
  • Customer service
  • Videograp
  • Returns management.

One contract, zero gap

Enterprise One simplifies the often-complex set of relationships necessary to sell in China online to the extreme: one single contract that covers all aspects, all fees, all services, all providers. EnterpriseOne makes your dream of selling a in China a reality, with just one signature.


Your brand, your standards

Nothing is more important than how your brand and consumers are treated. This is why we deploy extremely talented teams to faithfully execute your strategy and live by your standards.

Everything reflects your brand

Every action we take is a reflection of your brand. The iconography, the copy, the customer service interactions; every touch point will exceed your standards.

Your brand will be correctly represented, including the local cultural nuances it carries. Customer service is a critical dimension in Chinese ecommerce. Your consumers will feel the joy of a smooth and friendly customer service and returns process -- an integral part of being on-brand.

Hang with trendsetters