Sell your products within weeks on Liking

Sell your products within weeks on Liking

Our online department store is the
fastest, most cost-effective way to get
started in China

This is destination shopping

Liking is a carefully curated retail experience. We feature the latest products Chinese shoppers want, some unavailable elsewhere. Fashion. Footwear. Accessories. Only the in-demand brands, plus all the buzzworthy up-and-comers.


A multifaceted presence, beyond our TMall flagship store

In addition to our dedicated Liking department store, we're also a TMall featured partner. That gives your brand twice the exposure, for maximum reach.

Liking caters to retail's ideal customer

  • Predominantly female
  • Age 15 to 45
  • Middle-class to affluent
  • Discerning, inquisitive, and retail savvy
  • Wants something unique, beyond the mass-merchandised

How it works — and how you win.

Selling couldn't be easier


Activate Liking

Many sellers activate Liking in
just a few clicks with solutions like ChannelAdvisor. Direct connections are also possible.


Fulfil orders

You will receive US orders that you will ship to one of our US consolidation centers.


Sit back

We take care of everything. From customer service to returns to logistics to marketing and more.


Count the cash

You will be paid the exact amount agreed in your feed, in US dollars from a US bank. No commissions are deducted.

Compared to international shopping cart
solutions, Liking stands alone


Presence in the most popular Chinese marketplaces

Helps pick the right assortment and pricing

Translates US content to Mandarin

5-star pre- and post-sale shopper support in Chinese

Returns included. We handle all returns locally in China

Designates Liking as the seller and exporter of record


Not in marketplaces where the action is

You must guess Chinese preferences and competitive pricing

Little-to-no translation support

Not 5-star support

Returns are often difficult and expensive

All responsibility regarding customs and compliance is on your shoulders

No start-up fees. Performance-
based payments; 100%
invested in your success.

Start-up and
maintenance fees apply,
and you assume all risks

Hang with trendsetters