Two solutions Twice the possibilities

Two solutions Twice the possibilities

Explore which option is right for your brand to launch in China

Go big or simply test the water

VoyageOne offers two paths to sell your products in China, based on your level of commitment and investment. Go fast with Liking or go big with EnterpriseOne, our enterprise solution. Both maximize China's opportunity, while minimizing its risk.


Launch within weeks on Liking

For brands looking to quickly launch in the market without making a large investment, we offer Liking which is our very own online department store in Tmall Global Platform. We could feature your products on Liking and on several other online marketplaces. Perfect if your brand wants to:

  • Establish a toehold in China with a limited assortment of products
  • Add another sales channel to an existing Chinese marketing strategy
  • Test the waters before making a full strategic commitment

Sell on Liking

Take the market by storm with EnterpriseOne

For brands looking to make a bold move in the Chinese marketplace, we offer EnterpriseOne. We will create your own fully branded presence with complete ecommerce capabilities, plus support all your branding and marketing efforts. Perfect if your brand wants to:

  • Establish a strong presence with a large assortment of products
  • Significantly extend its footprint across China
  • Make China a cornerstone in its ongoing ecommerce strategy

Establish your presence

Two solutions, one infrastructure

Liking and EnterpriseOne both ride on our established infrastructure, technology, and teams, so you can easily:

  • ECOM360 ecommerce platform
  • Innovative logistics
  • Localization and content services
  • Chinese customer service
  • Local returns capabilities
  • US payments in USD