End-to-end service. Endless caring

End-to-end service. Endless caring

All the services you need to win in China. Because we succeed only when you do.

Integrated, gap-free services

Selling in China is complex and requires more than great technology. It demands a set of services that cover all the bases necessary to be successful. Both Liking and EnterpriseOne integrate all the services each seller needs, so there are no gaps, no excuses. All to give each seller the very best possible chances of winning in China.
Because we succeed only when you do.

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Account management Strategy and execution to bridge East and West from LA

It all starts with a US-based account management team that understands ecommerce both in China and in the US. They will work with you to build an online strategy in China that will make your goals a reality. They will articulate why China needs strategies that may not be used in the US and why certain common strategies in the US are unavailable in China. Working with our Shanghai branding and marketing pros and our expert merchants, the account management team will create the roadmap to your Chinese success.

Branding Your brand, interpreted for China

Our branding and marketing experts will spearhead the process of establishing your brand in China. We will work with you to select a local branding and marketing agency – we have relationships with many – that understands your brand at an emotional level and work with you, the Chinese agency and your existing agencies to build your brand in China in a way that respects your brand image and voice and that incorporates the specificities of the Chinese market.

Merchandising The right brands, products, colors & sizes

Very few things matter as much to set a retail operation up for success that the proper assortment of products, sizes, and colors – when applicable. Chinese consumers have different expectations and needs. Different body sizes, housing, culture, and more will drive the decisions. VoyageOne expert merchants will build the right assortment, or guide you through the process.

Pricing Pricing for brand, pricing to win

Right after assortment, pricing is the second most critical a merchant makes. And that truth is very much in effect in China. Armed with a deep understanding of the market and expert at researching the competitive landscape, our merchants will produce or help you set a price list in tune with your brand and sure to get products moving.

Marketing Marketing in China’s very social online ecosystem

What good is a great store filled with the right products at the right price if nobody knows about it? Our marketers are wizards when it comes to creating traffic. They know how to work with marketplaces, they understand the criticality of the social media landscape, key opinion leaders and how to cultivate both. We will build marketing and promotion plans, including media buy plans to accomplish your sales goals. And when it comes to the creative aspects, we have relationships with many of the most relevant photographers, videographers, models, and writers in China. For larger scale projects, we know the agencies that can design and execute ambitious promotional events. Success on 11/11 doesn’t just happen: it’s earned.

Technical integration Making things simple

Technical integration is the required initial step that enables your systems to speak with VoyageOne ECOM360. We have several integration levels, but all require the ability to send a product feed, accept orders, and send order updates when any information in the order changes (such as a shipping update). Most sellers complete the technical integration with minimal effort.

Data integration Flexibility and richness made simple

Having systems speak to each other is necessary but insufficient. They must speak the same language too. In this step, your products’ data is mapped against our existing taxonomy. Once that mapping is done, your products can be uploaded in any relevant marketplace in China, including your own web site, flagship TMall store and Liking. The ECOM360 Middleware Layer is the core subsystem for this activity.

Localization More than translation

Content must be localized, which means not only translated but made relevant. If content is not rich or detailed enough, it is flagged for Content Development. Thanks to ECOM360’s Translation and Localization System and Workflow Product System, VoyageOne is able to produce rapidly a large quantity of translated material that is bot consistent in tone and language and completely on-brand.

Content development China demands content. We make it

Even after existing content is localized, sellers are sometimes surprised to discover that translation is insufficient and that Chinese shoppers expect much more details. We will point out deficiencies and can build additional content, be it copy, or multimedia content. We have our own photography studios both in the US and in China, and relationships with relevant photographers, videographers, and models on both sides of the Pacific.

Customer service 5-star customer service

Chinese online shoppers expect instantaneous customer service – usually via chat – both before and after the sale. VoyageOne care agents deliver friendly, relevant service and keep the tone of the conversation on brand to continue at a more intimate level the dialog between the consumer and the brand that started online.

Returns processing Easy returns, right within China

Easy returns make purchasing safe and boosts sales. With a returns processing facility in the Shanghai area and customer service agents trained to authorize returns, VoyageOne makes returns an easy thing, both all parties involved.

Liquidation Monetizing returns

One option for returns is to liquidate them. VoyageOne is able to organize product liquidation for returns and maximize the value of the asset.

Shipping Affordable. Reliable. Easy. Simply amazing.

Thanks to years shipping products to China using the cross-border model, VoyageOne has built a logistics chain that is able to ship from our US facility to most anywhere in China at a cost similar or lower than the seller needs to pay to ship from their US facility to ours, ground. And the time it takes to get in the consumer’s hands can be as low a week once the product is in our warehouse.

Customs & compliance Leave the paperwork to us

Coming hand-in-hand with cross-border shipping comes customs clearance and regulatory compliance. Thanks to ECOM360, VoyageOne is able to deliver to the relevant authorities high-quality documentation that exceed their requirements and greatly facilitate their work. This helps set VoyageOne shipments on one of the fastest clearance path available.

Warehousing Storing products where it counts most

Some of our more sophisticated sellers use our optional warehouse services. We are able to warehouse fast-moving inventory right in our shipment warehouses. We can also pre-position hot products in Hong-Kong for faster delivery in China. Finally, the fastest moving items can be pre-positioned within China in bonded warehouses. ECOM360 keeps track of the entire inventory and optimizes orders for minimal delivery time and cost.

Payment US orders, US payment

All orders sellers get come from VoyageOne, a US entity. Payments will originate from VoyageOne. At no point are sellers doing business in China from a legal standpoint. So, everything is simple, just like most domestic contracts. And no need to convert Chinese currency.

Web site development When only a fully branded presence will do

Sellers wishing to establish a strong online presence in China will usually opt to also build a dedicated, branded, Chinese site. VoyageOne has the expertise to do so. This site will be fed directly from ECOM360 and managed in a consolidated manner across all points of presence for the brand.